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Mediation & Arbitration Sessions:
Our mediation rates are $250 per party for half-day sessions (4 hours) and $500 per party for full-day sessions (8 hours+). Full-day sessions will include catered meals for all participants.

Parent Coordination and Parent Facilitation Services:
For these services, the rate is $500 per hour, split between the parties unless specified otherwise by a court order. 

Billing Details:

Fees are charged per hour, rounded to the nearest 15-minute increment, based on the schedule below. This includes all services including reviewing documentation, records management, meetings, correspondences, phone contact, email, legal expenses, and consultation with other family service providers.  

If court appearances are required, you will be charged $800 for a 1/2 day and $1600 for an entire day as our counselors may be required to reschedule other client appointments.

All payments are due before the commencement of services. 

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