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Parent Coordination & Parent Facilitation Services

The initiation of Parent Coordination and parent Facilitation processes are typically mandated by the issuance of a court order. 


  • A Parent Coordinator, or "PC," is a court-appointed individual tasked with aiding parents in divorced families to resolve parenting matters through confidential procedures. Conversely, a Parent Facilitator, or "PF," appointed by the court, assists parents in resolving parenting issues through non-confidential procedures (Texas Family Code sec. 153.601(3), (3-a)).


  • To secure the appointment of a PC, collaboration with legal representation is essential. The court, through a hearing, determines whether the case qualifies as high-conflict and if the appointment of a PC is warranted by "good cause" and is in "the best interests of the child" (Texas Family Code sec 153.605). Importantly, a Parent Coordinator cannot be summoned to testify in court about the PC proceedings, whereas a Parenting Facilitator may be called upon to testify regarding PF proceedings.

2) It is advisable to engage in consultation with your legal counsel to assess the appropriateness of appointing a Parent Facilitator for your case. Generally, the court may necessitate a hearing to ascertain whether your case qualifies as high-conflict and whether the appointment of a Parent Facilitator is justified based on compelling reasons and in the best interests of the child. In certain instances, courts may permit the issuance of an agreed order for appointment.

Initiating the PC/PF Process

1. Begin by completing and submitting the Contact form or calling our office to inquire about the availability of Dr. Carole Gilmore, LPC-S for your case.

2. Schedule an appointment with your attorney to formally request a court order for a Parent Coordinator (PC) or Parent Facilitator (PF).

3. Have your attorney contact us to confirm our involvement in your case.

4. Submit a court order, duly signed by the judge, to your designated PF/PC.

5. Forward a copy of your Divorce Decree and any subsequent modifications related to parenting arrangements to your chosen PF/PC.

6. Once steps 1-5 are completed, read and complete all necessary forms provided.

7. Fulfill the required Retainer Fee(s).

8. Schedule your initial PF/PC meeting.

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